I don’t want other people to decide who I am. I want to decide that for myself.

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You’re a strong girl. Personally I think that you’re gonna pull through with a minimal amount of post traumatic stress. Or maybe a few years of profoundly disturbing nightmares.
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victims of the 90’s

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Anonymous asked: Do you know where I can find the au jily miscarriage fic/drabble? I read it somewhere on tumblr and I think you wrote it though I'm not 100% sure sorry. :/

I haven’t written anything like that but Jayne (apalapucian) has! It’s right here :)

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queermarauders replied to your post: anonymous said:I loved your analy…

I completely agree with this. Sometimes I wonder if the fact that he wasn’t “condemned” necessarily was because she just felt that it wouldn’t have realistically happened (bc of Harry’s nature)

Yeah, I definitely agree! I don’t know how she could have inserted this within the story, but I wish she had found a way; there would be less Snape Apologists if she had.

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Anonymous asked: I was wondering, when you picture Lily Evans, what kind of "dark red hair" do you imagine? Whenever I visualize her in my head I always picture a shade which I'm pretty sure isn't natural (like the darker shades of Ariana Grande's Cat hair) and idk. Like maybe Julianne Moore's hair? I can never tell with celebrities what's a dye job and what's natural, and that's my only experience with redheads :PP

You’re right, most celebrities’ dark red hair is a dye job! And Julianne Moore is a natural redhead, but I’m pretty sure that her natural shade isn’t the dark red I’ve seen in some pictures, but I think that dye job is around the same shade as Lily’s. Emma Stone’s dye job is actually a pretty good representation of Lily’s color, I think, as well even though I don’t personally like her as a face claim.

To be honest, my neighbor has natural auburn hair so I usually just imagine that shade whenever I imagine Lily in my head. These two edits of mine where I had to darken the fcs’ hair color are pretty good representations of what I think her hair looked like :)

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Anonymous asked: For the record I was talking about Snape- Not dumbledore.

I know? That’s why I talked about Snape for two whole paragraphs. I brought up Dumbledore at the end because I think Harry and Ginny shouldn’t have named their son after him either.

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transfigurationprodigy replied to your post: I should just block the notifications …

I really hate the Russian prison tattoos as well. There’s a whole culture to those tattoos, one that Sirius Black would not have been a part of.

Exactly! They mean nothing to Sirius and therefore mean nothing to us and are included purely for aesthetics and that’s wrong.

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Anonymous asked: I loved your analysis of why Snape wasn't really redeemed (I was going YES YES YES! the whole time) but there's something that I'm puzzled over. Obviously snape was a "hero" but barely one and definitely not a good person and even Rowling acknowledged that. but then Why do you think Rowling gave snape that revolving "he was the bravest man..." BS in the epilogue?!

Thank you!

I’m not exactly sure what JKR was hoping to achieve with Snape tbh. I mean outside of the series, in interviews, she constantly places judgement on him and his crimes, calling him selfish and cruel and definitely not a hero despite his bravery. But at the same time, she absolved Snape by having Harry name his son after him? I know that is more of a reflection on Harry’s character than Snape’s, but it puts Snape in a very positive light. Based purely on the narration, how she wants us to feel about him? I know the answer to that as the author and as a person, but I feel kind of like she didn’t condemn him within the story. In The Prince’s Tale, we saw all of the horrible deeds of his past, but after his death, he is never punished for them, there is never a terrible thought about him. We find out all of the shit he did and then suddenly he is the bravest man Harry has ever met, and therefore the bravest man that we, the reader, have ever met because we have only ever seen this world through Harry’s eyes. If she didn’t want or doesn’t approve of so many readers hero-worshiping Snape, like she claims in interviews, then I don’t understand why she wrote the ending like this.

I mean, it’s not only movie-goings who are Snape Apologists; there are many who have read the books and came to the same gross/incorrect conclusion about Snape. And I think part of the issue is the way that JKR handled the situation. I mean I think the book is written and crafted beautifully, but she should have acknowledged in the narration that Snape’s bravery does not erase every horrible thing he ever did. And she should have given Albus Severus a different/normal fucking name. (Because Dumbledore is yet another character who isn’t particularly condemned in the narration despite his missteps).

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Anonymous asked: Hi, i really like you right? But maybe you shouldn't use the word "hate" when you're talking about peoples headcannons. i know you might not be offended when someone blantantly tells you that they hate your idea, and i know you didn't mean it to come out that way, but some people on tumblr are easily offended and then you might get hate for that post and i don't want anything to upset you. So maybe rephrase it, but it's up to you entirely! Love your fics btw

Please reread what I wrote. I said nothing about hating the headcanons; I said that I hated the tattoos.

EDIT: I did say that I didn’t care about the theories. And that’s still true. In the original post, I said that I hate the inclusion of the tattoos in the films; people pushing their theories on me doesn’t change that and also doesn’t change that the tattoos aren’t canon/make no sense. I appreciate your concern, but I can take care of myself. Thank you for enjoying my fics

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